Situation in Rwanda


Rwanda today reassures tourists and the business community that it is safe to travel to all parts of Rwanda. The situation in Eastern DRC has resulted in two isolated skirmishes on Rwandan territory which were rapidly contained and border security has been reinforced to prevent recurrence.

The Government of Rwanda guarantees peace and security in all tourist destinations across the country.


A combination of tropical location and high altitude ensures that most of Rwanda has a temperate year-round climate. Temperatures rarely stray above 30 degrees Celsius by day or below 15 degrees Celsius at night throughout the year. The exceptions are the chilly upper slopes of the Virunga Mountains, and the hot low-lying Tanzania border area protected in Akagera National Park. Throughout the country, seasonal variations in temperature are relatively insignificant. Most parts of the country receive in excess of 1,000mm of precipitation annually, with the driest months being July to September and the wettest February to May.

Holidays in Rwanda

1 January New Year's Day,1 February Heroes' Day,8 March Women’s day,21 March Good Friday,7 April Genocide Memorial Day,1 May Labour Day,1 July Independence Day,4 July Liberation Day,15 August Assumption,1 October Patriotism Day,25 December Christmas Day,26 December Boxing Day. Our offices are opened throughout the year in holidays as well, but Susa tours stops all activities from the 1st of April to 7th of April to commemorate the Genocide.

Spoken Languages

Kinyarwanda is our local Language,English and French are the official Languages, Kiswahili is also used in commercial hubs. like most of Bantu Languages, Kinyarwanda has difficult words but here are few you can learn; MURAHO which mean Hi! or Hello, AMAKURU which mean How are you doing and MURAKOZE which mean Thank you, while discovering Rwanda and it's rich culture,our guides keep on teach you some usiful Kinyarwanda words, after your visit,you will start feeling like staying in Rwanda and explore more.


People in Rwanda


The people in Rwanda are very friendly, while walking on the street you will find most of them smiling at you and greeting you "MURAHO" which mean Hi!.

Rwandan people have gone through difficult period since the end of the colonial time (1959 first massacres till the second Genocide know as a first one of 1994) after all these tragedies Rwandan People have reconciled at 93% and now leaving in Harmony, if you take the Reconciliation tour, it will explain to you how this has been difficult but has worked and transformed Rwanda what it is today.

Rwandan Culture

Music and dance plays an important role in the traditions of all Rwanda's peoples .The Rwandan people have a variety of music and dance which range from acts that demonstrate epics commemorating excellence and bravery, humorous lyrics to hunting root. Traditional songs are often accompanied by a solitary lulunga, a harp-like instrument with eight strings. More celebratory dances are backed by a drum orchestra, which typically comprises seven to nine members, and collectively produce a hypnotic and exciting explosion set of intertwining rhythms. A wide range of traditional handicrafts is produced in rural Rwanda, ranging from ceramics and basketry to traditional woodcarvings and contemporary paintings. A good selection of crafted artifacts can be viewed in the main market or street stalls in Kigali, while an excellent place to peruse and purchase modern art works is the capital's Centre for the Formation of Arts. A distinctively Rwandan craft is the cow dung 'paintings' that are produced by a local co-operative in the village of Nyakarimbi near the Rusumo Falls border with Tanzania. Dominated by black, brown and white whorls and other geometric abstractions, these unique and earthy works can be bought in Kigali, but it's worth diverting to source to see how the paintings are reflected in local house decorations. One of the reasons why we organise tours to the local markets, is that we know that Rwandans are unique when it comes to their story and the way they live to day is worth experiencing,this one of the few places where you can experience real love and respect from the people who have never seen you before,in the local market most of the people look at you and smile they come closer to you with no aim to steal from you but to ask you how they should serve the local market you get enough time to talk to lower class people and experience the progress they are making today


Take one of our City tours and enjoy enough of these stories.