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Kigali City tour

Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda since 1908. Our tours depend on the client's desire, one can choose to do a historical tour which takes 3h:30 maximum, while some one can would prefer a genocide, peace and reconciliation tour which takes a full day, please have a

look at the sample of our morning tours: 8:00 AM: Introduction 8: 05AM: departure 8:10 AM: Arrival at the first site: Camp Kigali  1st stop (20 minutes spent) 8:30: AM: Departure to down town with no stops over. 9:00 AM: Arrival at Richard Kandt's house/ natural history museum  2nd Stop (20 minutes) 9:20 AM: Departure to old Kigali with no stops over. 9:50 AM: Arrival at Kigali genocide museum located in Gisozi  3rd stop (1 hour spent) 10:50 AM: Departure from the Site to the new Kigali with no stop over’s. 11:30 AM: Arrival at the last main site Caplaki. [Crafts village]  4th stop (20 minutes spent) 11:50 AM: Departure from the site to the oclient's hotel. Total time: 3h: 30

many people haven't discovered that Kigali has a lot to visit, but it is one of the base of our kings and a burial of some of them, we have made the Kigali city tours the products that welcome you, you can have a Historical tour, why not a peace and reconciliation which tells you what Kigali/Rwanda went through during the Genocide and how people have been reconciling after all the troubles, would you like to seat and hear the testimonies od survivors and forgiven criminals, you can chose to do a development and investment tour which will take you to deferent site that will help you embrace the investments opportunities, or visit new and old parts Kigali as you start hiking on Mont Kigali, finally find youself on the top of IBIGABIRO BY'UMWAMI, relax at MERANEZA a natura that God has made for you, visit the Coffee plantation and end your tour by trying some horse or Donkey ride, we've got alot a lot, please tell us what you want and we will build you a circuit that you will never forget about.