These prices are from Akagera National Park management,.

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The reservation office is Located at Kigali International Airport.

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Self drive permit / Entry fee Details USD /Person Rwf /Person
Rwandan Citizen Per Person ~ $ 6 Rwf 3,500
Rwandan Citizen under 12   ~ $ 2.50 Rwf 1,500
Rwandan Resident   $ 20  
Rwandan Resident under 12   $ 10  
International Visitor   $ 30  
International Visitor Under 12   $ 15  
Vehicle fee 4x4 / Tour operator vehicles (Rwandan registered) ~ $ 7 Rwf 4,000
  4x4 / Tour operator vehicles (Foreign registered) $ 20 ~ Rwf 12,000
Activities USD  
Guide for self-drive game drive Per guide / ½ day $ 15  
Guide for self-drive game drive Per guide / full day $ 30  
Game drive, night (AMC operated) 2 hrs / min 4 pax $ 40  
Guided Birding Per personper day $ 80  
Fishing Per personper day $ 20  

The new pricing embodies the following changes:

The game viewing fee remains the same but it now considered an Entry fee inclusive of a self-drive permit. The fee is payable by all day visitors, or per night if they are staying longer. E.g. for 1 night in the park (and the 2 days either side) the fee is payable once, for 2 nights it is payable twice and so on.

The Entry fee / Self-drive permit is the only fee that changes based on residency status.

Park entry fee is applicable to lodge guests and anyone entering the park.

Introduction of a payment for the services of a guide. Guides are optional.

Vehicle fee remains unchanged. Different prices apply to Rwanda vs foreign registered vehicles. .

Prices for activities have been standardised, and prices are regardless of residency status.

Children 12 and under for each residency category are given a discounted price for the entry fee, over 12 children are charged adult prices for entry. Children 5 and under are free of charge, no entry fee or activities fees apply. Activity fees are charged at the normal rate for children 6 and over.

Nationals of EAC member state will receive the Rwandan Nationals entry price, Residents (expatriates) of EAC member states will receive the Rwandan Resident, rate provided residency status is verified.