Things to know about Kigali

Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda since 1908, but it got its name in the 14 century after Cyirima RUGWE one of the kings of Rwanda conquered Bugesera and Nyarugenge he stood on one of the hills and said these words "BURYA IKI GIHUGU NI KIGALI" meaning this country is Vast, the word kigali means “vast “before the arrival of Richard Kandt Butare was called astride was the capital city. Dr. Richard Kandt who was a Germany medical doctor by profession arrived in Rwanda in June 1898, he stayed at the court of the King of Rwanda from where he finally discovered the source of the Nile in Rwanda (IN NYUNGWE NATIONAL PARK) in August 1898 His inspiration was to solve the puzzle of the source of the Nile thus Rwanda became his destination naturally. Later he settled at Shangi in the shores of Lake Kivu from where he thoroughly discovered Rwanda.

In 1902, he returned to Germany. In 1904, he published his book "Caput Nile-a sensitive Journey to the Source of the River Nile". It was reprinted in 1991. In 1905 he returned to Rwanda to continue with his research. By 1906 he had identified a site in Gakinjiro on Nyarugenge hill as his residence. A year later, it doubled as his headquarters when he was appointed the first colonial Resident Governor of Rwanda in 1907 a position he held up to May 1916 when the Belgium troops occupied Kigali bringing an end to the 22 years of Germany colonial rule. In 1908, he named his headquarters Kigali, after the nearby Mt. Kigali. It was officially gazetted on 19th October 1908, from that time Kigali was considered to be the capital city of Rwanda though it was announced officially on the 1st of July 1962. Population: Kigali had 5640 people in 1962; urban area was about 3 square kilometers 1962 1984 the population and the area expended rapidly, the population grew at 16% , that rapid increase continued however during the genocide Kigali experienced a massive loss from 7,000,000 to a very lower number. Kigali has 1,500,000 but as we are waiting for the new census august 2012 we estimate above 2,000,000 people. Kigali is the gateway and nucleus of the Rwandan economy. Serviced by an efficient international airport and connected to neighboring Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi by surfaced roads. Despite such concessions to modernity, Kigali City retains the feel of a garden city, with a satisfyingly organic shape dictated by the luxuriant slopes over which it sprawls. Kigali has moved from being a colonial outpost into being today's modern metropolis with an outlook of the modern world and a player in the globalized economy. Kigali City has made great strides in its recovery from the devastation of the 1994 war and Genocide. Although damaged, the city's structure has considerably recovered; today it forms a unique strategic site for its inhabitants, investors and tourists from all over the world. Kigali City is made up of three districts namely Gasabo, Kicukiro and Nyarugenge.

Some of Tourism Attractions

Hiking and Biking on Mont Kigali: we take you for a unique experience on Mont Kigali, a hill that gave birth to the name of our capital city "Kigali", on Mont Kigali you will experience a jungle, you feel a little bit outside Kigali though Mont Kigali is within the city center but you won’t know it, at the top of Mont Kigali, we take you to a place called “MERANEZA” meaning feel good, this is a natural excellent nature, there you can have your intimacy with your friends or partner. At Mont Kigali you can as well have time to ride a horse or experience a donkey ride, closer to that you can visit a coffee plantation or cows around in the neighboring homes.

Dining and entertainments

For dining, here are some of the places we reserve for you, for popular European cuisine we have Heaven Restaurant, cactus in Kiyovu, select in Kacyiru or sol e luna in Remera for great African cuisine we take you to Republica lounge in Kiyovu, Africa bite Kimihurura or la libela as well in Kimihurura who also offers top Ethiopian food. For Asian food we take you to Flamingo Cyimihurura, Khana khazana in Kiyovu for Indiana dishes, we take you as well to Sakae for Japanese food and Zen for Thai Japanese and chinese food and flavors, for middle clash restaurant we take you at Karibu in the city center, chez john or chez Robert for African food and varieties in Kiyovu.

Entertainments with Susa Tours

We organize for you a traditional dance either in Kigali, Nyanza, Huye at the museum or at your hotel, let’s try Rwamakondera !(Rwandan Horns) this children’s dance troupe based in Kigali, the troupe aims to empower disadvantaged children by teaching them Rwanda traditional Dances and performing for international audience. If not this, why not trying the Dancing pot!!The troupe is composed by "BATWA" Indigents, from the colonial time until today; it is known in Rwanda that these people are very good in pottery and traditional Dance; on our tours we experience both. Many people know that Rwanda has beatiful women and handsome guys; then let’s try other dance troupes composed with beautiful women and handsome guys who have taken seriously their cultures. We offer you more than that, we organise night life tours where you experience contemporary music, African, Rwandan food and drinks and much more.

Art and crafts/ Local markets


we take you to different places depending on your need, we’ve got a lot of crafts markets, the very known Caplaki, a cooperative of those who used to sell on the streets but offered by the government a free land where they are settled, we have got Inganzo gallery, located in the city center, Attrack and UBURANGA art studio but for our special guests we take you where you spend time learning how to sew peace baskets and make IMIGONGO that Rwandans use for home decoration etc.., we tour with you as well local market like CYIMIRONKO local market, or KICUKIRO local market.